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Introduction: Hip control is the process of identifying and monitoring critical early indicators of progressive hip displacement. Hip displacement, or subluxation, is the gradual movement of the femoral head laterally from under the acetabulum. A hip is dislocated when the femoral head is completely displaced from under the acetabulum. Hip monitoring involves clinical examinations by a pediatric physiotherapist and x-ray of the hip at regular times. Hip X-rays are performed to see the hip joint because hip displacement can occur without any signs or symptoms. Participating in a hip monitoring program allows your child’s health care team to detect hip displacement early and help your child before hip dislocation occurs. If the health care team finds signs of hip displacement, they can refer your child to a pediatric orthopedic surgeon (pediatric orthopedic surgeon) for treatment to prevent dislocation. Children with cerebral palsy (CP) are at risk for hip displacement.

The aim of this research is to outline recommendations for hip control to ensure that children with CP receive appropriate screening and are referred to a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon at appropriate time to minimize or prevent complications associated with hip dislocations. Hip displacement is often silent, with no physical signs or symptoms. Left untreated, displaced or dislocated hips may cause pain, decrease hip range of motion, decrease sitting, standing, or walking tolerance, and difficulty with personal care. Timely orthopaedic management is critical to those children identified through surveillance as having progressive displacement. This document does not address the orthopaedic management of progressive hip displacement. The intervention should be tailored to the needs of the individual child.

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